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Do you have questions on how to use Brainfuse? Download our simple Brainfuse Guides for step-by-step instructions on how to use the powerful platform by clicking on one of the links below: 

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Introducing Brainfuse HelpNow™ – your ultimate learning partner that caters to diverse needs and backgrounds. Need homework help? Struggling with test preparation? HelpNow™ brings you live tutoring sessions with experienced tutors. Through an interactive whiteboard, you can chat, write, draw, and even share text and images to solve problems together. The learning experience is personalized, allowing both you and your tutor to access quiz questions and dive into intensive test preparation. Every live session is recorded, replayable, and shareable, ensuring that your progress can be shared with friends and teachers for feedback. 

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Discover the Power of Brainfuse at the Perth Amboy Free Public Library

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Welcome to the future of learning with Brainfuse – your on-demand, anytime, anywhere eLearning platform now available at the Perth Amboy Free Public Library! Whether you're a student seeking homework help, an adult looking to enhance your skills, or anyone eager to expand their knowledge, Brainfuse has something incredible in store for you. 

Asynchronous Services: Learning at Your Pace

Brainfuse understands that learning doesn't always happen in real-time. That's why we offer the Writing Lab and the 24/7 Center. Submit your papers to the Writing Lab for comprehensive feedback, or delve into non-writing assignments like math and science with the 24/7 Center. All your tutor reviews and comments are stored conveniently in the Message Center on your student homepage.